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Realizing the Dream of Running a Marathon: One Client’s Training Experience

Rachel had always dreamt of running a half marathon, but her asthma had always held her back. The idea of…

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A pregnant woman and her trainer.

Pre-Natal Workout Dos and Don’ts for Women in Dubai

Staying active during pregnancy is very important for both the mother and the baby. In Dubai, with its busy city…

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A pregnant woman doing yoga in the park.

What to Look for in a Pre-Natal Yoga Instructor in Ras Al Khaimah

Knowing what to look for in a pre-natal yoga instructor in Ras Al Khaimah requires finding out about their qualifications…

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a person jumping in the sand

The Impact of UAE Climate on Personal Training Strategies

Living in the UAE means dealing with a unique climate. The heat and humidity can be challenging for anyone, especially…

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A man is trying to kick a soccer ball while thinking about the role of strength training in football.

The Role of Strength Training in Football in Fujairah

Strength training is essential for football players who are serious about elevating their game. Emphasizing the role of strength training…

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A mom holding her baby during sunset.

Finding the Right Post-Natal Trainer in Abu Dhabi

Finding the right post-natal trainer in Abu Dhabi is key for new moms looking to get back into shape and…

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A woman in a group workout leaning on a yoga ball.

Personal Training vs. Group Fitness Classes in Dubai

Choosing between personal training vs. group fitness classes in Dubai depends on your fitness goals and preferences. Personal training offers…

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A woman exercising near water with a trainer showing how to pick the right personal trainer in the UAE

How to Pick the Right Personal Trainer in the UAE

Getting to your fitness goals is a lot easier with the right personal trainer. Whether you want to lose weight,…

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Two girls doing plank on the beach in the UAE

The Benefits of Personal Training for Busy UAE Professionals

Busy professionals in the UAE often struggle to find time for fitness. Balancing demanding careers with personal life leaves little…

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