I started working as a personal trainer in 2018 in CX, TRX Rastak sport complex - Tehran, Iran. Since then, I’ve worked with many clients at their home gym or their house. My goal is to help everyone feel welcome and, more importantly, look forward to each workout. I understand how scary it can be to get started, so my number one priority is to help you reach your goals, I’m here to help. My passion is to help people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic way possible. I believe everyone deserves the right to good health and to be happy with themselves inside and out.

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Skills & Specialties

  • skill list checker Functional & HIIT trainings
  • skill list checker Weight Loss & Muscle Gain
  • skill list checker Body Shape and Toning
  • skill list checker Strength & Conditioning and Mobility

Education & Licensing

  • skill list checker Certified Advanced CX Work-Out
  • skill list checker 3rd Degree Trainer Certificate
  • skill list checker Bachelor's Degree, Physical Education
  • skill list checker Master's Degree, Physical Education, Sport Psychology


Training with Nastaran completely transformed my approach to fitness! She makes every session a delight and inspires me to exceed my limits.


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Join me in setting targets and loving every moment of our fitness journey together!

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